RareFlavr.. Detach From the Masses began in 2016. This website is the store of RAREFLAVR.COM. It began as a website formally known as World Wide Suburban Hip Hop. Over Time our Story/Site/Features have evolved and we focus on one thing...Creation. We understand that people can create things from scratch and we want to empower artists and people who think independently and put out original content with creative thoughts. This website/brand started from scratch.  We are not against common thought or commercial corporate branding. There is a space for everything and everyone. Some of the best brands/companies are corporate and if it wasn't for the creative forces and word of mouth/sponsorships behind it we would not know those brands/creations. Everyone is creative. We want to promote creation. This website and brand started from scratch. We want you to enjoy our posts and purchase rare products. With Our Products you will definitely blend in by standing out. You will have confidence in our products/services. Our products are made to be the most visually appealing as possible and we want you to have them. Please contact us immediately if you have any interest in our products or can help you select the right product for you or your team. Also, If you have questions on orders, shipping etc. Direct Message us on InstaGram- Or email rareflavr@gmail.com right away. Please refer your friends, family members and acquaintances to our brand.  Also, please refer to our main site rareflavr.com to learn more (link below).

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